Aarti Thakore


Aarti currently works as a Director of Clinical Research at Central Texas Autism Center (CTAC). She completed her PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2016 from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She has been working in the field for almost 20 years, empowering individuals with special needs and their families from different cultures and sections of the society, globally. She has extensive experience in clinical practice across various hospitals, non-profit organizations, and public schools. She is very passionate about research and applications of Behavior Science to promote learning in individuals with and without disabilities. Her areas of interest in behavioral research are: Replication and extension of Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior, Early childhood development and education, Autism, Developmental Disabilities, Equivalence-based Instructions, Transfer of Stimulus Control, Advanced language skills acquisition, Functional assessment to prevent severe problem behaviors in young individuals with and without disabilities, and extension of Skinner’s analysis of behavior in understanding of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). She leads applied research projects at CTAC in collaboration with Texas Christian University (TCU) and FAHB lab at California State University at Northridge (CSUN). When she is not engaging in research, she is consulting, supervising clients, and doing professional trainings for the new staff at CTAC. She is also passionate about teaching various concepts and applications in ABA/VB. In her down time, she enjoys doing yoga, wildlife excursions, and trips to National Parks with her family

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