Programs and Services

Center-Based Family Programs and Services

Center Based

We offer both one-on-one and group ABA therapy teaching environments at our Austin-based center.

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Ctac In Home


Supervised by our BCBA staff, our Austin and Houston in-home therapy sessions offer the opportunity to generalize skills in the natural environment.

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Primary CTAC Academy

Our inclusive Academy program is offered on a year-round basis

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"There are many challenges that autism brings to a family and the CTAC program is significant to a child with autism. Our granddaughter began attending the Academy...It has been a remarkable journey for each week reveals a growing confidence and accomplishment within her. Her progress is a testament to the dedication, caring, and professionalism that the staff provides each day. Our granddaughter brings her school day smiles and lessons into our household and encourages us all to appreciate and nurture the wonder. It is impossible to overstate what a positive impact CTAC makes."

Former CTAC Academy Client (unsolicited)