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Our inclusive Academy program is offered on a year-round basis at local private school campuses.


Our Academy program is a year-round, ABA & Verbal Behavior-based therapeutic classroom. Giving students the opportunity to be involved in an inclusionary, immersive setting, this program is led by a BCBA and qualified therapist. The Academy program is available at participating private schools.

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With a 6:3 student-therapist classroom ratio, each student receives an individual assessment by a CTAC BCBA before being accepted to the program.

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Daily ABA/VB therapy takes place through our intensive teaching program in our classroom as well as throughout the campus.

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Both inclusion and reverse inclusion opportunities are individualized and incorporated into each child’s program to insure a balanced approach to learning.

Program Information

  • Each student is individually screened by CTAC BCBA’s before being admitted.
  • Each Academy student receives an individual assessment resulting in an individual treatment plan for the year.
  • Private school students also participate in our reverse inclusion model, “Circle of Friends”, where they serve as peer models and participate in social skills groups in the Academy classroom.
  • Our program runs 12 months, 8:00-2:30, M-F. Calendars are distributed each year showing holidays, breaks, etc.
  • Students must have a communication system in place, be toilet trained and have no aggressive or self-harming behaviors.
  • Curriculums are chosen based on assessment and include the VB-MAPP, Direct Instruction, Handwriting Without Tears and modified state academic objectives (STAAR).
  • If these criteria are not met at this time, the student will be referred for services at CTAC and may be admitted at a later time when these objectives have been achieved.
  • Program supervision and direct therapy conducted by CTAC BCBA's.

"When CTAC told us about the Academy, it was an unbelievable moment. It was a lifeline. We have not seen our daughter this happy consistently...ever. That in itself is amazing for us. But in addition, she seems to be thriving, learning how to open up and share. She is just blossoming in this program. To go from desperation to a situation that we have no doubt is the best place to be is amazing for us. Not a day goes by that we are not deeply thankful for CTAC. That is not an overstatement in the least. "

Former CTAC Academy Student (unsolicited)