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CTAC offers a professional training program, using the “Trainer of Trainer” model. This course provides training to assist teachers, therapists and other personnel in learning peer-reviewed, research based teaching strategies for students with Autism and/or other developmental delays.


CTAC also offers customized trainings in ABA and Verbal Behavior both in-person or virtually. Please contact us to discuss your training needs at 512-328-5599 or


​Training Includes​

  • 7 classes (1 per month) in Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior in the Classroom for Sped. teachers, SLP’s, OT’s, diagnosticians, LSSP’s, Autism/Behavior Specialists, Psychologists, BCBA’s, BCaBA’s provided at your campus.
  • Small group learning to assist agencies in training teachers and therapists to effectively work with children with Autism, meeting the requirements of ESSA and IDEA.
  • How to assess students using the VBMAPP and then using that assessment to write effective IEP's.
  • Lectures, manuals, data sheets, video models and hands-on experience implementing a scientifically-based teaching strategies.
  • Participants complete assignments in their classrooms including data collection and video taping instruction then present and receive feedback through a coaching model.
  • Training tailored to meet the individual needs of the group.


  • To be proficient in applying the science of ABA/VB in a classroom setting.
  • How to establish instructional control utilizing effective teaching procedures.
  • Write measurable IEP goals and objectives.
  • The ability to teach skills to early, intermediate and advanced learners of all ages.
  • Implement effective classroom data collection systems, program organization and scheduling.
  • Write effective Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that includes Positive Behavior Supports (Antecedent Strategies) and teaching replacement behaviors.
  • Assess language and other skills using the VB-MAPP.
  • How to conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) in a school setting
  • How to assess and teach social and play/leisure skills and program for successful inclusion.
  • Optional: Toilet training and Adaptive Daily living skills.

"[Kelle] has always done an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged and has always presented information in an easy to understand and practical manner that allows teachers to take information away from the training session and immediately implement in their classroom setting. "

School District LSSP
Workshop Organizer and Participant (unsolicited)