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Our elementary-aged children have the whole main building to themselves, almost 5,000 sq. ft. is devoted to this age group. In this program, we have our main assessment room, a large Natural Environment playroom, separate classrooms, an art/music room for small group learning, a kitchen for meal prep, and a large bathroom for practicing toilet training and self-help skills.


At CTAC, our passion is to create a nurturing environment where children and adults can grow together. Our defining approach is based on the scientific discipline of ABA and Verbal Behavior.

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We conduct a one-on-one analysis to create a personalized plan for each individual learner.

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We develop daily lesson plans that target all learning objectives and track progress.

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Workshops are available for parents and teachers, giving you the tools needed to help your child achieve lifelong success.

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Program Information

  • Starts from time of diagnosis to 10 years old .
  • Personalized goals based on language, play, and behavior assessment.
  • Individual and group teaching environments.
  • Promotes social awareness & motivation to play with peers.
  • Additional in-home programming available and recommended.
  • Half day or full day programs available for 2, 3 or 5 days per week.
  • One-on-one ABA/VB therapy.
  • Help cultivate a variety of interests & play skills.
  • Develop school readiness skills, including toilet training.
  • Weekly supervision by BCBA's.

"My daughter was with CTAC for 1 year and made unbelievable progress and remarkable improvements in her communication and behavior . . . CTAC has been a huge blessing in our lives! Every single therapist at CTAC is highly skilled and trained."

Former CTAC client (unsolicited)