CTAC Bridges - Reversed

Bridges offers specialized programming for ages 10 years through adulthood who are looking for the tools they need to achieve lifelong success.


We believe in cultivating an environment where every person can be a lifelong learner. We’ve developed a specialized center to meet the unique needs of older learners. We ensure their success through the application of the science of ABA by highly trained staff.

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CTAC BCBA’s conduct thorough assessments to develop behavior intervention plans and individualized treatment plans. This can also include adaptive daily living skills and vocational skills.

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We have developed a center focused on the needs of older learners including small classrooms, an exercise room, technology lab, daily living labs, social skills lab, outdoor gardening, cooking and vocational labs.

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Our lessons also extend to parents. We offer workshops to give parents & teachers the tools to help your child succeed.

Program Information

  • After school, half-day or full day programs.
  • One-to-one ABA therapy with BCBA/BCaBA.
  • Customized social and daily living skills programs.
  • Teach executive functioning skills (e.g. organizational strategies, note-taking).
  • Programming for vocational and pre-employment skills.
  • Individualized goals based on language, behavior, and social skills assessment.
  • Expand on language & conversation skills.
  • Address language & behavioral barriers for academic progress.
  • Collaboration with school staff is available and encouraged.

"Our lives were saved by CTAC. When our daughter was 7 her behavior was out of control…she tore our house apart. Then I met Kelle Rich. We started ABA therapy and saw improvement with every week. She was a changed child. Our family’s lives, especially (daughter), were greatly changed because of CTAC. I can't imagine where we would be if we hadn't met Kelle and hadn't had CTAC. The change from before therapy to after is exponential. CTAC gave us our daughter and put hope back into her life. I don't think we will ever be able to express how grateful we are for everything they've done for us. Thank you, CTAC!"

Former CTAC client (unsolicited)