Renown researcher and author of the VB-MAPP, Dr. Mark L. Sundberg, BCBA-D, spends a day at CTAC

Kelle Wood Rich, M.Ed., BCBA

February 9, 2017

Dr. Sundberg spent the day at CTAC training all of our staff in advanced concepts in verbal behavior and applied behavior analysis. Dr. Sundberg is the author of the VB-MAPP, the co-author of the original ABLLS and the book Teaching Language to Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities. He has published over 50 professional papers and 4 book chapters. He is the founder and past editor of the journal The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, a twice past-president of The Northern California Association for Behavior Analysis, a past-chair of the Publication Board of ABAI, and has served on the Board of Directors of the B.F. Skinner Foundation.

CTAC staff presented case reviews and discussed issues with stimulus control and conditional discriminations. We appreciate Dr. Sundberg's time and efforts in helping us provide the best, quality intervention to our clients!