We are excited to include a poster session at the 3rd Annual Verbal Behavior Conference (VBC)! The mission of this conference is to highlight, support, and mentor practitioners and researchers who utilize the theoretical, practical and empirical information about verbal behavior in their professions.

Poster Presentation


Submissions must demonstrate that the work to be reported has scientific merit in the field of verbal behavior. Please submit an abstract following the American Psychological Association style guidelines. This should be 150-200 words. The abstract for a data-based presentation also must include an overview of the types of participants, the types of procedures, a statement of what the data showed and must include a graph or table summarizing the data. The data does not need to be complete at time of submission, but the abstract and graph/table must show that the project is well under way. Graphs and tables submitted must be of professional quality and formatted according to APA Style. Attachments must be in a PDF file format and are limited to a single page. A presenting author and co-authors information is required for every poster submission.


Posters should be no larger than 3' 10" x 3' 10" to fit on the provided poster boards. The content should take up the entire space, all components of the poster should be able to read at least 6 ft away. The title should be specific and succinct. The Introduction, Method, Results with easy to read graphs, Summary of Results, Discussion, References. 


The VBC poster session is scheduled from 5:30-7:00 on Thursday, April 2ND.

Posters must remain up for the entire session, you must have a discussant present at all times and you must remove the poster promptly at the end of the session. Any posters remaining up after 7:00pm will be rolled and placed at the registration desk. Posters not claimed by the end of the conference will be discarded. 

Please submit to VBC Poster Submission at ctac@ctac1.com.

Deadline for all submissions is 5:00pm, February 28, 2020.